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Petroleum Technology Quarterly - PTQ

PTQ is the authoritative magazine covering process technology developments in the refining, gas and petrochemical industries. Each issue of PTQ carries at least 15 in-depth technical feature articles from around the world charting experiences under operating conditions in improving production or safety or meeting environmental targets. It is the practical and detailed nature of these articles that makes PTQ required reading for engineering decision makers everywhere.

PTQ Catalysis

PTQ Catalysis, published annually in March, is PTQ’s review of hydrocarbon industry catalysts and their use in process technology

PTQ Revamps

PTQ's Revamps supplement is published annually in September and focusses on revamps, shutdowns and maintenance.


PTQ's Gas supplement is published annually in April and focusses on all aspects of the processing of Hydrocarbon gases.

Processing shale feedstocks

PTQ's Processing Shale Feedstocks supplement comprises articles covering the rapid transformation undergone by the petrochemical industry with the advent of plentiful natural gas from unconventional shale formations.

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